At The Days of Lore, every Friday is Black Friday

10.7.10 Danava: So loud you’ll need earplugs … and a diaper.

10.4.10 Black Cobra spits some venom (not the band) at this year’s Fall Into Darkness festival.

8.27.10 The life and times of TDoL as told through Iron Maiden.

8.6.10 Portland’s Mary Shelley have created a metal monster.

11.13.09 Slayer is all about evil … kinda like The Days of Lore.

11.6.09 Rob Halford releases a Christmas album, makes the yuletide gay.

9.25.09 Jonah is 4 years old. Jonah will kick your ass with rock.

8.7.09 What’s better than listening to James Hetfield sing “Nothing Else Matters”? Listening to an old Indian man sing “Nothing Else Matters.”

7.17.09 Apparently there are some people out there who are fine with Alice In Chains replacing Layne Staley. Not me.

7.3.09 Ace Frehley promotes his first solo record in more than two decades.

6.19.09 There’s a long history of cool metal logos … these days legibility is optional.

6.12.09 Lars Ulrich never looked so good behind the kit.

6.5.09 Supergroups suck. Just ask Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith.

5.29.09 A day at Starbucks turned me onto the proud winners of the RockErie Music Award for Favorite metal Band, Deny The Sun. Lucky you.

5.22.09 Anvil! The review of The Story of Anvil.

5.16.09 Mastadon frightens Letterman … in a loving sort of way.

5.8.09 RATT performs Out of the Cellar live on its 25th anniversary.

4.17.09 Yes, there was life for Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley before KISS.

3.27.09 Slayer, Hell and Satan in 88 words.

3.20.09 Mastodon ready to unleash Crack the Skye on the hapless hipsters.

3.13.09 Black Friday meets Friday the 13th meets Dungeons and Dragons meets smut mag meets Marvel Comics meets horror flick equals a look at the most metal album covers ever.

3.6.09 Axl wants to hit stadiums this summer. Not such a good idea.

2.27.09 Not exactly metal, Earth is still as heavy and doom-y as any band. Guitarist/founder Dylan Carlson explains what’s next for the band.

2.20.09 Demigods of Canadian metal Anvil are probably more popular now than in 1984 thanks to a new documentary.

2.13.09 Owen Brown loves Iron Maiden. He’s also probably old enough to remember when the actual iron maiden was being used to torture coin forgers.

2.6.09 Looking back at my angry youth and one of the greatest metal records ever.

1.30.09 San Diego grindcore band Cattle Decapitation really loves cattle … hates meat-eaters.

1.23.09 Metalheads like to keep their distance from The Gay … but is The Gay catching up to them?

1.9.09 After years of silence, the metal beast that is The Abominable Iron Sloth arises.

1.2.09 Kicking off ’09 by going back to ’82, and the famous Van Halen tour rider. Oh how things have changed.

12.26.08 The metal death match of the century as Slayer vs. Metallica are let loose on one another.

12.19.08 Ace Frehley is still God … do all Gods write such horrible lyrics?

12.12.08 At 63, Lemmy still embodies all that is good in rock, and they finally made a movie about him.

12.5.08 Amidst the chaos in Iraq there is metal—Acrassicauda and Dog Faced Corpse keep it real.

11.28.08 The debut of Black Friday, with Portland metal weirdos Black Elk.


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