Black Whales got first

Monday, August 9th, 2010 | musiX, pdX

There’s a first time for everything, as they say.

This Wednesday’s show with Black Whales, Ravishers and Nucular Aminals marks the first time TDoL has done anything with said bands. It’s the first time they’ve played the same bill, probably their first time playing Mississippi Studios. On a completely unrelated note, I bought my first Rush album last week.

Maybe it will be your first time seeing these bands … hopefully it won’t be your last. In keeping with the rule of firsts (kind of like the Rule of Thirds in photography, only with firsts and no connection to photography), TDoL caught up with Black Whales drummer Davey Brozowski (first one on the left) to discuss some very crucial musical firsts in his life. Also included below is “The Diamond Divide,” the first song off the band’s first EP. Oh, and come down to Mississippi Studios Wednesday, Aug. 11—Black Whales go on last.

First album.
Miley Cyrus … my friend Nathan gave it to me.

First instrument.
Trombone—tried it for two weeks at the request of the band teacher because they had too many drummers. I promptly returned in two weeks with sticks in hand. I’ve been playing drums since. I’ve never touched a trombone again.

First concert.
Beach Boys. America opened. Puyallup Fair. Let’s go to Kokomo!

First band.
Very first band was Missing In Action; first band to tour and put out records was the Catheters. The band I was in between MIA and Catheters was called Damaged Goods. They basically traded me like free agent for the Catheters’ drummer because he couldn’t take all the crass humor and harsh jokes from the other members. I was 14 and just wanted to play drums loud, fast and hard—could have been any band.

First Black Whales EP.
Origins. It literally is the origins of the band. We made these first recordings to see what the songs sounded like … nice demos. Turned out we all really like the songs so we took the steps to release our first slab of plastic. I still like it. A band’s early stuff is not necessarily their best, but you can see what they’re capable of with time and work. Plus there’s usually less inhibitions with songwriting. I feel like that was captured on Origins, and we’ve only raised that bar with the full length that’s to be released.

“The Diamond Divide”Black Whales

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August 12, 2010

WFT?! Seriously? Caught these guys for the first time last night. The singer blew me away. The room didn’t seem into it, or any of the other bands for that matter, but the band also didn’t seem to give a shit. They lived up to the hype we read in the Willamette, for sure. The singer took out his own amp at the end of the set and some how managed to keep the mic on it as the played out the rest of the song. Wednesday night rock party!

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