2.5.13 TDoL gets to know Ruban Nielson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

1.10.13 For those about to rock, Torche/Tilts guitarist Andrew Elstner salutes you.

8.25.11 I spent a morning at Stephen Malkmus‘ crib, and discovered that he likes sports and Captain Beefheart about the same. Oh yes, he talked about his new record Mirror Traffic, too.

4.5.11 Songwriter Alela Diane talks about her new band … which also doubles as her family.

1.24.11 Sonny Smith fights writer’s block to discuss his 100 Records project and the next Sunsets record.

1.17.11 Sic Alps’ Mike Donovan talks double LPs, S.F. and ATP. OK?

10.12.10 Rhett Miller looks back on almost two decades with the Old 97′s … to the point where he dreams about the band every night.

8.9.10 The Black Whales Davey Brozowski talks about musical firsts (Miley Cyrus alert!).

2.22.10 Sleater-Kinney/Jicks/Quasi drummer Janet Weiss tells TDoL how Quasi’s new record American Gong got so gosh darn loud.

2.10.10 Milwaukee’s The Goodnight Loving loves country music and making noise … but NOT David Bowie. Guitarist/bassist Colin Swinney explains.

12.7.09 Liam Finn talks to TDoL about taking a page from his father’s songbook and adding more noise … and more beard.

11.9.09 The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle on the Bible, jerky atheists and writing songs while watching Law & Order.

7.23.09 The ladies of Purple Rhinestone Eagle talk about music as a tool for social change, MJ vs. Prince, and giving audiences “loin vibrations.”

6.22.09 “I could give two shits as to what arm-chair journalists think of the art I make,” says Viva Voce’s Kevin Robinson. And well he shouldn’t.

5.21.09 The always curt Buzz Osborne talks about playing Houdini live, and 25 years of rocking.

5.5.09 The Vaselines’ Eugene Kelly catches up with TDoL to talk about making a racket again.

4.14.09 After some tenacious e-mailing, Kip Berman of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart answers TDoL’s prayers … and questions.

4.9.09 Adam Shearer of WEINLAND shares his thoughts on Portland music and blowing things up on stage.

2.27.09 Earth’s Dylan Carlson explains why he’s fortunate to still be around.

2.17.09 The Mother Hips’ Tim Bluhm looks back on 20 years, and looks forward to a new record in 2009.

2.4.09 Anthony Bedard of SF’s Hank IV discusses the Williams clan and dirty ponchos.

1.15.09 Ritchie Young talks about Loch Lomond’s upcoming big year.

12.30.08 The Supersuckers’ Eddie Spaghetti fills TDoL in on the evil powers of New Year’s Eve.

12.2.08 Kathy Foster is all about our new prez and The Thermals’ upcoming record Now We Can See. Yes she is!

11.25.08 Mudhoney guitarist/vocalist Mark Arm talks about getting back together with his pals in Green River.

11.10.08 Killing computers and shooting balls of fire is all in a day’s work according to Patrick Flegel of Calgary, Canada blog darlings Women.

11.7.08 “This LP is extremely dear to us and our formative times,” says Crystal Stilts guitarist JB Townsend of the Brooklyn band’s brilliant Alight of Night.


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