Lost Bob Dylan tape: Pay lady pay

Thursday, December 18th, 2008 | musiX

I’m one of those few fools who likes Bob Dylan‘s Nashville Skyline record over most of his other recordings. Am I a fool? Or aren’t I? Well, I’m definitely one of those poor saps who can’t afford to bid on an original master recording of “Lay Lady Lay.” But it can be yours …

The one-inch, 8-track analog tape, which includes five outtakes of the song as well as a never-released jam of “Going Back to Chicago,” is currently sitting on eBay at a current bid of $9,000, as of 9:38 a.m. (it jumped a cool six grand overnight). [Update: Sold! For $30,000, Dec. 23.] The reel has been stored in its original box, in a warehouse, in New Jersey for almost two decades. Listen to a few snippets by hitting the play button.

[Note: If you listen closely, Mr. Record Label incorrectly refers the album as Nashville Skyline Rag, but that's just me being nit-picky.]

Of course, Nashville Skyline was Dylan’s country album, recorded in 1969 much to the chagrin of Columbia Records. He did it anyway, and ended up with one of his highest charting songs in “Lay Lady Lay.” The album also includes “Girl From the North Country,” recorded with Johnny Cash, and one my favorites, “One More Night.” I can’t afford to bid on the tape, but I did purchase the CD a decade ago for a measly 10 bucks. Maybe I’m not such a fool after all.

“One More Night”Bob Dylan

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4 Comments to Lost Bob Dylan tape: Pay lady pay

Markku Koski
December 20, 2008

Yes indeed. I had no problem with Skyline, and I had no problems with Dylan going rock. Anyway, is there any information about CBS reaction towards Skyline.

dan cranfill
December 22, 2008

that was pretty sweet to listen to the going to Chicago bit- never heard it before.

dan cranfill
December 22, 2008

my favorite song on that album is country pie I heard him play it live in Santa Cruz and it made me feel a little dirty inside… in a good way.

December 22, 2008

Dirty in a good way is the best way to be.

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