DJ Lorax

DJ Lorax at Hawthorne Theatre

Thursday, February 7th, 2013 | musiX, pdX | No Comments

I’ll be playing tunes this Friday at Hawthorne Theatre with my good pal, DJ Bob Ham. It’s always a fun time—I mean, it is Happy Hour on a Friday.

I suppose the goal will be to get things warmed up/getting people hot and bothered for the Hot Water Music show later that evening. I think we can do it. But despite what the photo to the left implies, we won’t be spinning records. Instead we will be gazing into the glow of our laptops, which will likely resemble two grown men playing Battleship. Less sexy than records, but still very, very sexy.

We will rock and roll all nite from 6-8 p.m. inside the Hawthorne Theatre lounge. Beers will be cheap(er). And I’ll be digging deep into the folders on my desktop for some digital nuggets o’ rock from all over the globe … from my computer.

A few new things I’ve been munching on of late: Kiki Pau, Foxygen, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, new Thermals(!), Holy Grail, Eat Skull, Ty Segall/Mikal Cronin. Older stuff: Pere Ubu, Monoshock, the Saints, Urbane Gorilla, the Feelies. It’ll be good. Promise.

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The Days of Lore Presents: The Steven Lasombras at Record Room

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 | musiX, pdX | No Comments

Portland’s The Steven Lasombras have been lurking in their basement lair, keeping a distance from our recent stretch of sunny weather. Now that everything’s back to normal here in Portland, I think they’re ready to come out of hiding.

TDoL has lured them out with the promise of beer and some sort of bacon and cheese tater tot concoction for a night of post-apocalyptic noise at Record Room Saturday, May 26. I’ll be spinning records along with DJ Bob Ham with the promise of making the gray weather a few shades darker. We’re all smiles for this one.

“The Sicilian Bull”The Steven Lasombras

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DJ Lorax at Star Bar

Thursday, February 17th, 2011 | musiX, pdX | No Comments

I’ll be spinning platters tonight at Portland’s new rock ‘n’ roll hub Star Bar, and with that I had to come up with a DJ (deejay?) name—something simple, yet memorable; cool, but not ridiculous. Here are some of the ideas that came from TDoL HQ and beyond:

DJ Lorifice, DJ Folk Lore, DJ Lorepheus, DJ Uplore, DJ Loredom, DJ Strutter, DJ Lore-Ax, DJ Lorax, DJ Ace, DJ Dinolore, DJ Disc Jockey, DJ Lore of the Ring, DJ DJ Tanner, DJ Dad Rok, DJ Loregon Trail, DJ Charles Markley.

So much to choose from. Well, you can see what I went with. I’ll be hauling a milk crate full of vinyl down to Star Bar, and between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. I’ll be providing the perfect soundtrack for carousing and merriment. Picture the scene to the left … except for milk and cookies, there will be beer and pulled pork sliders. And instead of poodle skirts and bobby socks there will be skinny jeans and American Apparel. Oh, and rather than what I’d presume are Lawrence Welk records, I’ll be playing everything from The Saints to Buck Owens and the Buckaroos … you know, stuff that makes you eat, drink and be merry … and rock out.

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