The Days of Lore is an independent music blog headquartered in Portland, Oregon, that started out as a weekly column back in 2005. Inside these digital pages you’ll find interviews, reviews, mp3s and features on artists from all over the globe, from twee pop to black metal. And always be on the lookout for giveaways, TDoL’s semi-irregular metal feature Black Friday, as well as The Days of Lore Presents shows.

Who’s in charge? I guess I am. I’m a former music editor who jumped the sinking ship of print journalism and hopped aboard the sleeker, sexier U-boat of blogging. I still write for said publication, and my work has also appeared in Paste Magazine, the Portland Mercury, The Wire and SPIN. In a former life I played music with this two-piece and these derelicts, and I’ve been lucky enough to be bandmates with this indie rock darling.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. If there’s an artist or a topic you think I should know about, or if you’re in a band, send me music, love letters, rock Haiku, or even gripes. Let’s become imaginary friends, and I’ll buy you an imaginary drink.

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