Paul’s Boutique gets a facelift

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 | musiX

I used to have an ’82 Mazda B2000 with a tape deck, and I’d listen to cassettes for weeks at a time before switching them out. Paul’s Boutique was one of them. And the beauty part was there was so much going on that it never got old. Produced by the Dust Brothers and released in July of 1989, it’s easily the Beastie Boys’ best record—a sample-happy smorgasbord of sounds that showed the Boys were becoming men. Now that 20 years have passed you’ve gotta re-release the damn thing!

The remastered album is available for download now at the Beasties’ Web site for a chill $11.99. If you want to have something you can touch and caress, the CD is $18.99 and a vinyl version is $23.99 (both come with a download of the album and are available Feb. 10). If you’re a superfan, you can dish out $129.99 for the package that comes with posters and T-shirts and vinyl and this and that and what-have-you. I guess they assume the kids who grew up with Paul’s Boutique must be making some real bread these days.

I do love the record. I don’t think I love it that much. Nothing wrong with a hissy, muffled cassette … gives it character.

Beastie Boys, video for “Shake Your Rump”

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