Black Friday

Black Friday: Rocka Rolla all nite

Friday, May 11th, 2012 | musiX | No Comments

I’ve been rawking to this quite a bit lately … and I will stop at nothing to find Judas Priest’s Rocka Rolla on vinyl. The album was released in 1974, back when Rob Halford and the crew were more hippie-dippy than motorcycle gang-bangy.

This clip comes from the band’s 1975 appearance on the BBC’s The Old Grey Whistle Testsure to make you forget Halford ever sported spikes, yet realize what a huge influence Priest had on rocka and rolla.

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Black Friday: Sleigh’r—seasonal in the abyss

Friday, October 22nd, 2010 | musiX | No Comments

“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”Benjamin Franklin

“God hates us all, God hates us all/You know it’s true God hates this place, you know it’s true he hates this race”—Slayer

The Days of Lore has come a long way (a looooong way) from that day of yore slamming a warm Bud Light 40-ouncer in the parking lot of Arco Arena while waiting to see Metallica play songs from the Black Album. Living in Chico for so many years (where Sierra Nevada in made) and now the sexy, hip beer mecca of Portland it’s hard to swig the swill … OK, I have returned on more than one occasion to my roots (more successfully than Metallica), and sipped a Budweiser or three—it is the King of Beers, after all.

Lately I’ve been diving into the seasonal abyss of winter beers: A tasty holiday IPA from Hopworks, a delicious, malty number called Jubelale from Deschutes (where are you, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale?), and Ninkasi‘s Sleigh’r Dark Doüble Alt Ale, available on tap and in 22-ounce bottles. Unlike a beer I tried recently called “War Pigs” that came served with a fucking lemon wedge, Sleigh’r actually delivers on its name—it’s black as night, kind of evil (7.2 percent ABV), and if you drink too many your entire next day will feel like hell on Earth. That said, I look forward to letting out a mighty Dickinson wail when Ninkasi’s Maiden the Shade comes out next summer. I think Sierra Nevada should get in on the action … perhaps Bock and Roll All Nite? I kinda like it.

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Black Friday Week: Danava will destroy you

Thursday, October 7th, 2010 | musiX, pdX | No Comments

Continuing with TDoL’s super-duper, metal-up-your-ass, season-in-an-abyss Fall Into Darkness preview, I give you Danava. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily consider these guys metal (neither would vocalist/guitarist/former TDoL neighbor Dusty Sparkles) … perhaps epic, mind-melting prog rock would be more accurate. I saw these guys play a few weeks ago, and it was LOUD … like make-you-faint, soil-your-pants loud. It was the band’s first show in about a year as Sparkles and a new crew have been holed up working on a new record. If you can see them live, do so. Just be sure to bring earplugs and a diaper(s).

Danava will perform Sunday, Oct. 10 at Berbati’s with Earthless, Wildildlife and Via Vengeance.

Danava live at Satyricon, April 7, 2007

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Black Friday Week: Black Cobra cometh

Monday, October 4th, 2010 | musiX, pdX | No Comments

A little pre-show to-do list for the forthcoming Fall Into Darkness Festival: 1.) grow hair long; 2.) (re)purchase jean jacket; 3.) do neck exercises; 4.) worship devil, followed by soul exorcises; and 5.) carve Black Cobra into arm with razor blade.

The Days of Lore brings you Black Friday Week to celebrate this year’s Fall Into Darkness, which kicks off Thursday in Portland. The lineup for the four-day event is a damn good evil one: Danava, Witch Mountain, RABBITS and Krallice are bands that could potentially bring the PMRC out of retirement.

Then there’s San Francisco two-piece Black Cobra. These lads are known for making the racket of many lads, and they do so in the spirit of NWOBHM thrashers of yore—riffs dart and bottom out while drummer Rafael Martinez treats his drums like they owe him money. Black Cobra’s latest Chronomega is out on Southern Lord Records; it will make you wish you were 17 again—pissed at the world and looking to hump anything that moves. Well, it will definitely make your jaw drop and your head bang.

Black Cobra performs Thursday, Oct. 7 at Berbati’s Pan with Witch Mountain, Stoneburner and Wizard Rifle. The band’s new song “Frozen Night” is available for free as part of Adult Swim’s Metal Swim compilation.

“Frozen Night”Black Cobra

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Black Friday: Maiden heaven

Friday, August 27th, 2010 | musiX | 2 Comments

Yesterday I stumbled on to the Billboard 200 chart. The top five caught my eye, and were as follows:

1. Eminem - Recovery
2. Kem - Intimacy
3. Ray LaMontagneGod Willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise
4. Iron MaidenThe Final Frontier
5. Trace AdkinsCowboy’s Back in Town

Now, that is a motley crue. Upon seeing this, I realize a few things: a) I’m shocked that I am actually familiar with three of the five names, b) I don’t even know who Trace Adkins is, but I’d like to punch him in the face, and c) Wait … is that Iron Maiden?

My relationship with Iron Maiden is a long, bittersweet one. It all goes back to that fateful day I won a Piece of Mind poster at the Sun Country Fair in Red Bluff by popping balloons with some darts … or was it when I shoplifted that Powerslave cassette from Kmart? Either way, I think I was in eighth grade. The poster hung on my wall next to a poster of Van Halen with Diamond Dave sporting those assless chaps, and the tape spent time in my $9.99 Dynatone personal cassette player. Maiden was much heavier than most of the music I listened to. They didn’t sing about chicks. Or partying. They sang about Pharaohs. And flying. I liked it, but not nearly as much as my Out of the Cellar tape.

Iron Maiden continued to be one of those bands I enjoyed, but never fully invested in. My friends in high school raved about Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. I raved about Dancing Undercover and Crazy Nights. I wouldn’t actually ‘t steal buy another Iron Maiden album until 17 years later (fortunately bypassing the horrible non-Bruce Dickinson albums). I was living in Spain, and Maiden was scheduled to perform at Plaza de Toros de Illumbe on June 13, 2003—I was going to this show. To prepare for this event my roommates and I purchased Live After Death, Iron Maiden’s 1985 double live album (a must-own for any metal fan), on CD and played it non-stop for a month. Then we didn’t go to the show. By the time the 13th came around the semester had ended, we were broke, and we decided that cañas and bocadillos at Juantxo were much more important than Iron Maiden tickets (because they were). I think my roommate Matt Davidson ended up with that Live After Death CD.

My next encounter with Maiden came a year later in the form of a used vinyl copy of The Number of the Beast given to me for my birthday. The cover scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid … I mean, look at it for chrissakes! Released in 1982, Beast is the first Maiden album to feature the operatic pipes of Bruce Dickinson … yes, the Bruce Dickinson. And it has a great version of “Run to the Hills”!

I’ve since repurchased Live After Death (“Scream for me, Long Beach!”). And I finally saw Iron Maiden in 2005 at Ozzfest. I don’t even remember who else played—but Maiden was fucking great, and Dickinson’s vocals belied his years. It might as well have been 1985. You would think I’d have actually listened to the copy of 2006′s A Matter of Life and Death, given to me by a friend who insisted on its greatness. Yet, I’m looking at the disc as I type this, still wrapped in cellophane. That all changes today. That said, I’ll let you know what I think of the new record The Final Frontier when I get around to listening to it in 2014.

“Run to the Hills”Iron Maiden (Live After Death)

“El Dorado”Iron Maiden (The Final Frontier)

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