The Carl & Daddy Show, Ep. 1: An Introduction

It’s finally here! In digital form! For you! We started doing “The Carl & Daddy Show” on a tape recorder in, probably, November of 2019–the world’s first and only analog podcast! (OK, probably not). Actually, it was just a way to document my inquisitive and funny 4-year-old son Carl (now 5), as we talked about all sorts of topics. I don’t want to spoil too much, since we cover all of this in our digital debut.

This new version will not be unlike its analog predecessor: Recorded live–including the theme song–one take, and usually lasting about 5-10 minutes. Maybe once this thing gets huge, we’ll up the production…but I doubt it. You can listen to Ep. 1 below. And find new weekly episodes every Monday in the “Podcasts” section.

OK, enough blather…come along on the maiden voyage of The Carl & Daddy Show, and find out how it all started: With an old Jensen tape recorder, a brick of blank TDK cassettes and a dream…oh, and Carl and Daddy.