L7 Feel the “Witchy Burn”

L7 looking bloody good in 1992.
Photo: Getty Images

I love L7…but you know that. Right? Of course you do. Last year the band put out a killer record called Scatter the Rats, and they released a couple of songs today–a ripping cover of Joan Jett’s “Fake Friends,” which includes Jett on backing vocals, as well as an alternate take on L7’s “Burn Baby.” The new version, titled “Witchy Burn,” is slower and creepier than the OG–I definitely prefer it. The new songs were supposed to coincide with the band’s tour of New Zealand and Australia next month, which, of course, ain’t happening. I’ll take any L7 I can get. But you know that. Right? Of course you do. And while I have your attention, check out L7 guitarist/vocalist Donita Sparks’ campy The Hi-Low Show.

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