Party Witch’s Quarantine Dream

I’ve seen Party Witch a couple times, and they fucking rule. The Portland electro psych band happens to be made up of two of my heroes–vocalist/synthist/accordianist Alicia Rose and drummer Shawna Gore–and there is truly some kind of unworldly power emanating from these women. 

I mean, check this out–while we’ve all been holed up they managed to get weird and make a video via Zoom for their single “Greta.” The video and subject matter (essentially a battle cry for Greta Thunberg) capture Party Witch perfectly–which is to say, they will steamroll a motherfucker. (“5 feet tall, she’s just a raging wall / Hormones and braids, better do what she says…”)   

Party Witch’s new record is now out digitally over at Bandcamp. It also fucking rules: Pitch-black new wave with heavy, rhythmic drumming, and lyrics that will cut you. The band is hosting a Zoom listening party tonight (April 24) at 8 p.m., and will livestream it over their FB and IG pages. Let’s party, witches!