Getting The Spins: Jane – Between Heaven and Hell

(Brain, 1977)

Who doesn’t like a little German prog rock during a late-night quarantine? I knew nothing about Jane when I picked this up a decade-or-so ago. I knew about the label Brain, however, which dealt many great krautrock records from bands like Neu! and Cluster, as well as some rockers, including the Scorps’ Lonesome Crow. Brain, yes. Jane, no. I bought it because it looked cool, and I had a feeling Brain might deliver. And you know what? They delivered. Between Heaven and Hell apparently leans more prog than its predecessors, which I haven’t spent much time with. It’s heavy prog, with some cool noisy/spacey/synthy parts, and vocals sometimes reminiscent of David Gilmour. Jane even throws down some boogie at the last minute on closer “Your Circle”…because it was 1977. I dig this record more with each listen. In fact, right now it’s the greatest thing ever…it probably helps that there’s a little Jane in my brain.